certification socotecCommitted to a proactive HSEQ policy, EVOLUTEC Engineering consider Safety, Health, Environment & Quality of services through satisfaction of client and collaborators as its main concern and preoccupation. To highlight our work ethic and engagement the top management has decided to enhance this process with the following certifications:

  • MASE
  • ISO 9001
  • 14001

HSEQ Policy and goal

  • Ensure high quality of services
  • Respect laws, regulation, and client requirement
  • Raise collaborator’s awareness of QSE engagement & commitment
  • Ensure efficiency and performance of SMI
  • Monitored energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission and rubbish production
  • Risk evaluation
  • Being aware and conscious of accident prevention
  • Follow our road safety requirement
  • Being more selective on subcontractor profile
  • Fight against addiction for alcohol and drugs
  • Inform people of their right to refuse unsafe work
  • Being permanently engage in transparent collaboration about our results
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